Monday, October 19, 2009

Technology in my new role

I'm baaack! After a long time away from this blog (I was busy blogging with my students), I'm back at it. I know that a professional blog is a great reflective tool, so it will be a good use of time, and a great way to look back on my thoughts and growth over time.

This year I am in a more formal role as an instructional leader. As Curriculum Coordinator at an elementary school, a portion of my job is designated as technology leadership. We are integrating the use of SmartBoards and wireless laptops in our school, so there is a steep learning curve for many teachers. However, we are generally a motivated bunch - willing to try new things. My role as both a teacher and administrator in the building is to lead by example in my classroom, and to support those who are already using the technologies in their classroom. As the year progresses, and the next phase of SmartBoards are installed, my role will extend to support those who are new to the technologies as well. One of the challenges is to support all teachers, according to their own needs. An ongoing challenge that faces classroom teachers, too!

I'll have to write more later - off to add my link to a District site.